Can Digital Books Replace Print Books in The Upcoming Years?

Can digital books replace print books? The answer to this question entirely depends on the readers and their way of thinking, someone prefers digital books over printed books as they are easily available, and a person can read them anywhere they want, all they have to do is open their phone and they are good to go, but some people still think print books are superior over electronic books as they give the realistic feeling of reading, and you can feel the words through your imagination.

Over the centuries, we have witnessed many technologies making their all the way up, from WhatsApp to electronic books, the majority of the people always voted for advancement, maybe that is the only reason digital books can replace print books otherwise, it’s a complete no.

Can digital books replace Print books in the future?

As we are proceeding to the new century, we are opting for new technologies that aren't just fascinating but truly exceptional and have advance qualities. So, they are high chances digital books can replace print books in the future. But as for now, they both are almost equally in demand some prefer to read the books online as it offers them comfort and some holds print books superior over digital book because they are more durable and attaches the reader emotionally. The advantages of printed books over e-books are many, but it depends on the person reading it.

What is the reason behind E-books being more in demand than the actual book?

E-book benefits are in a huge quantity that makes it more in demand than the print book, some are as follows:

Benefits of Reading a Print BookBenefits of Reading a Print Book


Benefits to Readers:

As we are advancing as a world, it is now possible for almost everyone to access digital books despite using any electronic gadget such as smartphones, tablets, regular phones, or computers. And best of all, millions of people can read the same book at the same time. Our new generation will totally look back and wonder how life was likely where a person has to go in a car, to a bookstore and not find a book they were looking for. Did those people buy any other book instead of their desired one? Did they forget to buy it again? How many book sales were not made for those authors?

E-books are totally a life and time saver; even you can even change the font you like. Moreover;you no longer lose the page you were on. With our upcoming generation, digital books can replace print books.

The benefit to the author:

E-books benefits are an ultimate element key to the author as when the book gets published the author get 15-20% of the sale budget but if an author published a book on a certain website or on his app, all the money that readers pay directly goes to author’s bank account unless he has a partnership with someone else. 

Lighter weight:

Have you ever gone on vacation and forgot to pack your favorite book at the last minute? Or do you have a flight to catch and don't have enough space to put your novels in the luggage? Well, these are everyday problems a common reader has to face but by availing the digital book, you don't only have to stress over its packing last minute but it has no weight that can stop you from catching your flight.  With its easy accessibility and exceptional graphics, E-books are cherry on the top.

Cheaper than the actual Book:

As per the American rate, an average book cost $15-17 while if you are looking for an original book copy, prices are even way higher than this, but by utilizing the digital book, you don’t have to pay a penny, some of them are free of cost while the ones that are popular can cost some dollars, but they are still the inexpensive way to read books as compared to print books.

What are the benefits of reading a print book?

Despite print books being expensive or heavier in weight, they still are preferred in the market as it indulges the person deep in the book, for a passionate reader, a book is beyond reading, it is a path straight to their imagination. People with literature backgrounds always favor print books over digital books as it doesn't cause them any distraction. Advantages of printed books over e-books.

Are Printed books have a realistic vibe of feeling that emotionally attaches readers towards itself. While reading an exceptionally beautiful novel, you feel the characters not only live through pen and paper but also through your imagination. And you can buy the print books easily, anywhere in the bookstore, or can order them online.

Which one is superior, E-book or print book?

As I said before, it all depends on the reader and their emotional attachment to the author, there are people who love to read books of several authors such as Nicholas sparks, the way Nicholas writes, he gives characters a realistic shape that is appealing to the readers. So, they buy his book to feel the character more observantly, there are also some people who love the smell of a new book so if you are one of those? Then, the print book is ideal for you but if you are looking for a book that can be available 24/7 with just one click, or if you want to carry many books at the same time then digital books preferred more for you can easily read and avail some truly amazing coupons for the exceptional e-book.  

Are E-Books Cheaper than Paper Books?

Yes, they are, even some of them are completely free. But the ones that have a powerful story or have sequels, are placed in the paid corner. The costs of digital books are quite low as compared to paper books, maybe that's the reason digital books can replace print books. You can also utilize the different e-book coupons.

Hence concluded that e-books can take over the printed books in the future if people still preferred flexibility over durability.



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